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Premier Labs Awarded turnkey project for laboratory fume cupboards Premier have partnered with Romero to offer the full package of fume cupboards and laboratory furniture
Premier Labs teams up with Bioair of Italy University of St Andrews selects Premier Labs high containment / low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard
Birmingham University selects Dynamic Flow Fume CupboardBirmingham University selects DynamicFlow high containment / low energy fume cupboard after EN 14175 testing
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Premier Laboratory Systems

Premier Laboratory Systems is a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and installation of fume cupboards and associated systems. With over fifteen years of experience, our engineering team has an unrivalled breadth of technical knowledge and advice they can provide.

Fume Cupboards

Premier Laboratory Systems was the first UK company to develop and patent a high containment / low energy fume cupboard. The DynamicFlow fume cupboard offers high levels of safety whilst reducing energy cost by up to £1,000.00 per year per fume cupboard.

Turnkey Installations

We have extensive engineering and design capabilities and therefore can offer a complete solution to your laboratory fit out requirements. Recent turnkey installations have been carried out for BP Chemicals, MRC, Glaxo and a number of Universities.

EN 14175

Premier Laboratory Systems HIGH containment / LOW energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard surpasses recommended levels of containment within EN 14175 when type tested at a face velocity of 0.30 m/sec. For test results e-mail us at info@premierlabs.co.uk