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Fume Cupboards - Enterprise Dynamic Flow ™

Fume Cupboard Testing

Testing and Validation

When type tested to the laboratory fume cupboard standard BS 7258 :1994 Part 4, the Enterprise DynamicFlow fume cupboard recorded excellent containment results, specifically: highest maximum < 0.010 ppm, highest mean < 0.005 ppm.

The fume cupboard has recently been independently type tested to the new European standard EN 14175 - part 3. The main difference between the BS standard and the EU standard is that the robustness test (which is not included within the BS at present) is a more realistic test in that it induces disturbance at the face of the fume cupboard during the containment test.

Results achieved from the containment tests carried out were as follows:-

  • Outer plane - <0.005ppm (UK recommendation <0.005ppm)
  • Inner plane - <0.005ppm (UK recommendation <0.005ppm)
  • Robustness - <0.040ppm (UK recommendation <0.100ppm)

From above results you will see that our DynamicFlow fume cupboard complies with recommendations for UK i.e 0.005 ppm for inner and outer plane containment tests and 0.100 ppm for the robustness test. It is worth noting that these results are specified for fume cupboards operating in the range of 0.40 to 0.50 m/sec and we achieve these at a face velocity of 0.30 m/sec.

You will also note the high level of containment performance achieved during the robustness test i.e 0.040 ppm as opposed to the UK standard of 0.100 ppm (Note, German standard is 0.650 ppm!!!).

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* Principles of Enterprise DynamicFlow™ Fume Cupboard
* Testing and Validation
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